Ireland Travel Plan / A Rough Guide when planing your Trip to Ireland

What do you need?

1 . Visas check out this link with usefull information to visas into ireland

2 . Passport's make sure there up to date .

3 . Clothes , In ireland the waether can change quickly so bring a rain jacket and good walking shoes, Also sun cream as in the months from april to september it can be quiet warm . No need for brollies They are cheap in ireland and normally blow away.

4. Packing , It depends on your stay but i wouldnt bring any more than one suitcase and a online Carry travel bag, You might go back with three ?? Think of the cost when packing also you dont want To be carting bags up and down stairs and footpaths on your trip , some of the footpaths in ireland can Be very uneven .

5. Try and plan your itineary in advance, Without traveling further each dayto get back to your base.

6. Enjoy your trip to Ireland our country is great with lots of kind and friendly people to help you on your Way, if you get lost dont be scared to ask. Also lots of free tourist information points throughtout most Cities and town , In the local towns you might have to go in for a cup of tea first or a pint to find you way?

What airport/ferry your traveling into and why?

1 . Make sure you fly into the corret one ? i.e if your visiting the west or southwest fly into shannon airport And return through dublin much easier for you and save you less travelling over and back on youself.

What about Currency's and Banks

1 . The currency in ireland and europe is the Euro , There are currency exchanges in every major city and towns, Most banks open at 10am -4pm and except most credit cards at there atm,s also. Nearly every business has A facility that will take most cards as well.

Shopping / Pharmacy in ireland

1 .There are a lot of tax free shops in ireland which is a plus for foreign visitors. Shops normally open 9am-6pm And in some major cities they open later. Pharmacy's open until around 9pm but that is only a few.


1 . Pubs normally open at 11.30am 11.30pm during week days and at weekends 1hr later closing time also There are a lot of pubs that have lovely areas in them to eat so half is a pub the other half a restuarant, most Of the pubs would have some form of irish music so much to list from check our links page ? Also the irish People are friendly and you will always get someone to chat to. And they probaly know somebody that you do ?


1 . They would open between 9am and and close around 12pm .Also they would have a large selection on there menu's rangeing from breakfast/lunch/dinner. The menu price normally changes at around 5pm.

Tourism infomation points

1 . In ireland you will find a lot of free maps and guides in the local tourist information points. There staff are Always helpfull and fully trained to give expert advice on ireland. In many towns you will see local tourist information Points and in major cities like Galway tourism,Dublin tourism,cork tourism,limerick tourism, Aran island tourism, Clare tourism,kerry tourism,northern ireland tourism. If you get lost dont be scared to stop and ask.


1 .In ireland there are hospitals in the major cities, In the local towns there are only doctor surgery's and some Call centre's. So make sure you have your travel insurance is up to date otherwise it can get expensive. Hospitals are open 24hrs doctor surgerys are open 9am -5pm.

Motorways/ Roads

1 . We have great new motorways in ireland linking all major cities together , If traveling try and use them to get to major cities many of them have tolls on them . The primary roads are narrow and not lighten up at night so be carefull , Oh yes we drive on the left in ireland and we have lots of roundabouts. Good link

Last one ? Call or email us and let us take care of you irish style.

What makes us great ?

Were big enough to offer professional service and support,but small enough to care for every passenger and there stay in Ireland. We have modern vehicles, professional handpicked native tour guides, its not like a tour its like a journey with a friend through Ireland. We travel through protected landscapes and ecologically sensitive areas and promote awareness when traveling in these areas to try and minimise our carbon footprint. Thank you we hope our rough guide helps you on your trip until we meet.